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Sourcing new suppliers for manufacturing custom parts in China can be challenging with travel restrictions for many in Europe

LONDON, 20-Jan-2021 — /EPR INDUSTRIAL NEWS/ — With travelling both nationally and internationally still difficult for many in Europe, sourcing new suppliers for manufacturing custom parts can prove challenging. To be instantly connected with new suppliers without leaving home is possible through Haizol. This platform is an on-demand manufacturing service which connects buyers with manufacturers that fit their project requirements.

As a buyer, you can register an account online, and submit a request for quote, together with an optional two level NDA agreement. The quote is then immediately sent through to over 200,000 factories across Asia. These factories are partners of Haizol, pre-vetted and screened in terms of their capacity, certifications, quality control, MOQ, and customer reviews. Those with the right capabilities are able to respond with their price for the project, this usually happens within 24 hours.

A customer can filter the quotes based on several criteria, and also choose to get more information of a potential supplier. Haizol is on hand to assist with any questions or with communication between the two parties. Once selected, production can begin immediately, with peace of mind that the project is being carried out by experts in the field.

Current suppliers include thousands specializing in CNC machining, injection molding, casting, stamping, fabrication, and mold making. They also offer a wide range of secondary processes, such as coating, anodizing, conditioning, and assembling.

With new suppliers joining the platform daily, matchmaking is possible in minutes. Sourcing manufacturers through Haizol not only reduces cost, it enables time to be freed up to focus on other aspects of the business. Having access to stable suppliers is crucial during this period, and mitigates the risk of supply chain instability.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Snap Sampling Plans! Improves Your Quality Control Systems

Quality Assurance Solutions focuses on creating and selling products that help companies setup quality assurance systems and quality control processes. Quality Assurance Solutions provides specialized content, instructions, and education to help individuals improve their company’s quality assurance program. Quality Assurance Solutions website contains extensive information on quality management standards, quality management tools, and quality management systems.

Snap Sampling Plans! Improves Your Quality Control Systems

Quality Assurance Solutions announces the release of Snap Sampling Plans! software for establishing sampling plans for inspection quality control. Every manufacturing company needs to inspect product to assure the product meets requirements. The inspection stages within a company include receiving inspection, in-process inspection, and final inspection. Snap Sampling Plans! easily creates these sampling plans.

When inspecting for a given feature, companies rely on sampling inspection instead of 100% inspection to reduce costs. From the inspection results, the company decides whether to accept or reject the inspected parts.

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