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Buy All Your Business’s Safety Products In One Place And Avoid Another Winter Of Discontent

As the nights draw in, and the days get colder, now is the time to be stocking up on all the safety supplies needed to see your home and business through the long winter months.

When it comes to the onset of the really hard winter weather, Safetyshop.com says that we Britons still don’t seem to be learning the lessons of recent years, and should be putting plans in place to help ensure that our businesses and our lives in general, don’t grind to a halt.

But according to the firm’s Website Manager, Dan Cure, they’ve just brought in a range of winter staples such as snow shovels, grit bins and salt spreaders – along with several new products for this year – so no one need say they were caught cold this time around when winter’s icy grip begins to tighten.

“Over the course of the year, it’s easy for people to forget the disruption that they suffered as a result on the onset of winter,” he said.

“There is so much everyone can do to ensure winter doesn’t leave them feeling cold and miserable,” added Mr Cure. “That first fall of snow might look pretty to start with, but without the right tools in place, such as snow shovels, work wear and grit spreaders, its attractiveness will very quickly fade.”

And with early frost and snows also responsible for many accidents – despite the weathermen’s best efforts at giving out warnings – acting now can not only save money and time, but potentially a great deal of heartache.

“We’ve extended our range of winter products this year, with the aim of helping out everyone from householders to business managers,” he added.

“Products are readily available for quick delivery, so our advice would be to beat the rush and get yours now to avoid suffering another winter of discontent.”

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Workplace Safety Experts Slingsby Warns ‘Flooding Can Drown A Business’

AS FLOODING becomes an ever increasing risk in the UK, many organisations are investing in flood protection products as a precaution against the severe disruption that water damage can do to a business according to workplace equipment provider Slingsby.

The Association of British Insurers has revealed that since 2000 the cost of flood damage in the UK has soared by more than 200 per cent with insurers paying out £4.5 billion since the start of the decade, which is up from £1.5 billion between 1990 and 2000. Slingsby sells more than 35,000 products across all industries and in recent years the company has introduced a range of flood defence products as a direct result of customer demand.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director of Slingsby says: “Flooding is becoming an ever increasing threat to many workplaces and as we’ve seen in recent years it can happen at almost any time during the year. Many businesses that experience a flood never reopen and with the Government recently announcing investment cuts in flood defences, we’re seeing increasing numbers of businesses buying flood protection products purely as an insurance policy.

“Even though a business may not be located near to a river or other such water source, it could still be affected by surface or groundwater flooding which can be very difficult to predict. Although it’s impossible to completely flood-proof a property there are lots of things that can be done to help prevent flood damage and make drying-out and cleaning up much quicker and easier.”

Lee continues: “In buildings that are at risk of flooding, for fixed items and furniture, it’s a good idea to use water resistant materials such as stainless steel or plastic where possible and electrical equipment and machinery can sit on raised plinths. It also makes sense to raise electrical sockets and fuse boxes and store valuable items on high-mounted shelves.

“Most importantly any insurance policies covering buildings and contents should be checked to determine what cover they offer for flood damage. It’s also worth notifying insurers when making any modifications to buildings because it could result in lower premiums.”

Below is a selection of products from Slingsby’s range that are all proving especially popular with businesses and organisations looking to protect themselves against the risks of flooding. They are all available from Slingsby by visiting www.slingsby.com or by calling 0800 294 4440.

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Safetyshop Warns Icy Conditions Are Set To Continue With Further Snow Fall

Winter is defiantly amongst us as snow and icy conditions are forecast to continue to affect many parts of the UK.

The cold snap will also bring freezing temperatures, overnight frosts and daytime temperatures will struggle to reach 3 or 4 degrees C. Workplace safety product supplier Safetyshop advises businesses to take these weather forecasts seriously and ask themselves if they are prepared for the start of the bad winter weather. Kimberley Slack at Safetyshop says “it’s important that workplace health and safety is well thought-out in order to minimise accidents”.

Essential items for businesses are necessary to make sure they don’t slip up this winter! It can be said that in 2009 nearly 11,000 workers suffered serious injury whilst in the workplace due to a slip or a trip –with totals reaching more than 30 each day. This is why Safetyshop are reiterating that everyone should maintain a safe working environment during the winter months.

An extensive range of stock including everything you will need to keep safe in the winter is available online. For the outdoors Safetyshop stock a superb range of rock salt, salt spreaders, grit bins, snow shovels and winter driving essentials. Not forgetting the need for an indoor range of products such as anti slip tape, entrance matting, hi-vis stair nosing and anti slip sprays, minimising slips and trips inside offices and warehousing facilities.

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Be Organised and Improve Productivity With Slingsby’s Safety Products

NEARLY every workplace in the UK can increase efficiency by making some simple improvements to employee workspaces according to Slingsby, which supplies workplace equipment across all industries and regularly advises businesses on ways of enhancing productivity.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director of Slingsby explains: “We work with all types of companies to solve a wide range of problems but a common theme revolves around employee work rates. Wages are the biggest expense for most businesses so it’s false economy if people are unable to perform to their full potential simply because of their surroundings.

“The first thing we always look at is personal workspaces and work stations and there are nearly always areas where these can be improved. Although most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, many people neglect to keep their workspace clean and tidy which ultimately reduces a person’s efficiency.”

Lee continues: “Everyone has spent time at work trying to find things that have been misplaced. Whether it’s a phone number or a piece of equipment it wastes time and in most cases it’s completely unnecessary.

“There are huge benefits to proactive employers that encourage employees to maintain tidy and organised work areas because almost immediately they will see output improve. Even if every employee just spends five minutes at the end of the day to get organised for the following day, it makes a big difference and clearing things away after they have been used also makes for a much safer working environment.”

Slingsby sells a wide range of popular products that can help workplaces to stay organised, including office furniture and health and safety signs. For the oncoming winter weather Slingsby can help your business be prepared with grit bins and salt spreaders as well as bollards for clear marking even after a coating of snow or ice.

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Safety Shop Shows How to Light Up Dark Nights

Workplace safety product specialists Safetyshop have begun to promote their range of safety products that relate to the oncoming winter period. Soon many people will be travelling to and from work in the dark and school children will be walking or cycling to school in the dark also. It’s time to take extra care as visibility and quiet, dark roads become a risk – take a forward thinking approach to staying safe this winter.

Safetyshop stock a wide range of high visibility clothing and accessories to ensure that the dark mornings and evenings don’t become a serious hazard for pedestrians as well as motorists.

Children walking to and from school are often the most vulnerable especially when crossing roads, According to official government statistics, children are more at risk from road accidents from 3pm onwards in autumn and winter and this can often coincide with workers driving home.

Safetyshop’s Kimberley Slack commented, “With an increased awareness of road safety we have found that making sure the public are able to get the best safety products can often be a life saver.

“With the darker mornings and nights it can be difficult to spot a child in the road until it’s too late. So anything that can make children and adults more visible, whether they are walking or riding a bicycle, is a high priority for us at Safetyshop”.

On the subject of motorists, the winter period poses many risks especially as temperatures drop and the roads becoming slippery with snow and ice.

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Don’t Endure Another Winter Of Discontent – Protect Your Business Before The Worst Of The Weather Comes

The nights are already drawing in, and soon winter will be with us in full force. So now’s the time to make sure that your business is prepared if you want to avoid the chaos brought by the severe weather of the start of 2010.

With a leading authority on forecasting the British weather warning that the UK could be in for a second consecutive big freeze, leading safety equipment specialist Safetyshop.com is asking business owners and managers to think ahead, and ask themselves how their day-to-day operations would cope.

The UK could be in for “a combination of snow, ice and bitterly cold temperatures and another ‘white-out’ as some areas grind to a halt,” warned Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions. His organisation correctly forecast the big freeze earlier this year.

“If these predictions from experienced weather-watchers are to be believed, we’re in line for another harsh winter,” said Kimberley Slack, Safetyshop’s Internet Marking Executive.

“But there is no need for businesses to be caught cold by a sudden freeze,” Kimberley added.

“Stocking up on essentials such as anti-slip matting, using heaters and fans to keep your working environment at the right temperature, and having all the appropriate safety signs in place will help you stay productive through the worst this winter has in store.”

Safetyshop can help you keep your premises safe, limit damage caused by snow and rain, and help you prepare your business for any severe weather to come. With Rock Salt and Grit bins available as well as salt spreaders to ensure your car parks, entrances and walkways are safe.

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