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Safetyshop Announces Launch Of Online News Feed

Safetyshop, the UK’s leading safety equipment manufacturer, has launched an industry news feed on the homepage of its website.

Designed to be a useful resource for regular customers and new visitors alike, the latest news section contains stories which relate to all aspects of health and safety, from new legislation and prosecutions brought by the Health and Safety Executive, to road safety initiatives and changes affecting first aid kits in the workplace. The feed is updated on a daily basis to ensure breaking news makes it onto the site as quickly as possible.

The idea to publish breaking news came from Safetyshop’s customers, according to Maria Kirby, Online Content Specialist at Safetyshop.

She said: “We carried out a survey in an attempt to find out what is most important to our customers. Perhaps unsurprisingly we found that the majority of them consider health and safety legislation to be critical to the successful running of their businesses.

“By publishing news stories on the homepage of our website on a daily basis we are able to inform visitors about the very latest developments relating to health and safety and ensure that our customers have all the knowledge they require to be able to run their own companies effectively, efficiently and safely.”

Safetyshop has been providing its customers with a huge range of safety equipment including workwear, safety signs and traffic control equipment. Now, as well as being seen as a leading supplier of quality safety items, the company wants to be recognised as a trusted source for breaking health and safety news.

Maria added: “Safetyshop’s ultimate goal is to help customers manage their health and safety requirements and ensure that their workplace is safe for everyone. Hopefully our news service will be of use to companies that take health and safety seriously, and help keep everyone up-to-date on developments across the industry.”

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Safetyshop’s Bespoke Sign Manufacturing Service Shows the Right Way for Businesses

The UK’s leading safety equipment supplier has appealed to businesses to get the perfect safety signs and warnings for their business premises by designing them themselves, with Safetyshop’s bespoke sign manufacturing service.

Safetyshop have encouraged businesses that may not have the legally required safety signs on their business premises to get in touch and see the range of custom sign designs and types that can be purchased online at Safetyshop.com.

The Safetyshop solutions section of the website offers businesses to customise and design many products, chief of which being Safetyshop’s latest designs in safety signs in the workplace. The UK company has over 40 years of experience in producing signage for businesses, an area of the business that was boosted in 2002, with the acquisition of Focal Signs and Labels Ltd.

Today, Safetyshop is accredited to ISO 9001:2001 sign manufacture standards and has the benefits of an in-house team of graphic designers and manufacturing equipment to provide total service to all customers with the latest state-of-the-art digital print technology to produce clearly visible and bold signs for use in business.

Joanne Broadhurst, Sales Executive at Safetyshop said; “The importance of safety signs in business is immeasurable, safety signs warn of dangers and hazards in the workplace whether it is an office environment or the factory floor.

“Here at Safetyshop we work in partnership with our customers to produce signage that is clear and easily understandable and with our in-house team each customer has a dedicated single point of contact able to assist in the design and manufacturing process.”

Ralph Walmsley, Production Manager at Safetyshop also added; “We use only the best materials ensuring we meet all UK and European standards but also to produce signs that are bold and durable to last the test of time”.

As well as Safetyshop’s bespoke solutions section the site also sells a wide range of other workplace safety products such as protective clothing and hard hats to first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

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Environmentally Friendly Safety Signs Material Comes to Safetyshop

As well as being an industry leader when it comes to safety signs and practically everything health and safety related, UK based Safetyshop have recently taken the decision to use a more environmentally friendly material as a part of their safety sign production process, another area in which the company is leading the way.

The workplace safety specialists have researched alternatives to the material used up until now, PVC at 1mm thick and found that polypropylene to be an all round better choice when it comes to sign manufacturing. Polypropylene is 1.2mm thick, recyclable and hard wearing enough to be a suitable eco-friendly replacement to PVC, meaning that businesses will not need to buy replacements in just a few years time.

All signs manufactured by Safetyshop use the recognisable symbols and warnings covering anything from no smoking signs to no access and fire exit signs, all of which comply with the ISO 7010 standards that apply to all EU countries. The range is also constantly expanding as new ISO symbols are released ensuring Safetyshop’s range covers all possible situations.

Sara Banks, UK Product Manager at Safetyshop commented, “Our safety sign manufacturing process is something we pride ourselves on and this move to the superior Polypropylene signs will help make sure our processes are as environmentally friendly as possible, yet remain effective and compliant with industry standards.

“Safety signs are a large part of our business and we have listened to our customers comments to make sure we are catering for all customers and industries. We have had comments such as being able to find a particular sign being too difficult and made sure to simplify the process, as well as reducing the quantity of duplicate sign styles as well”

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Be Organised and Improve Productivity With Slingsby’s Safety Products

NEARLY every workplace in the UK can increase efficiency by making some simple improvements to employee workspaces according to Slingsby, which supplies workplace equipment across all industries and regularly advises businesses on ways of enhancing productivity.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director of Slingsby explains: “We work with all types of companies to solve a wide range of problems but a common theme revolves around employee work rates. Wages are the biggest expense for most businesses so it’s false economy if people are unable to perform to their full potential simply because of their surroundings.

“The first thing we always look at is personal workspaces and work stations and there are nearly always areas where these can be improved. Although most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, many people neglect to keep their workspace clean and tidy which ultimately reduces a person’s efficiency.”

Lee continues: “Everyone has spent time at work trying to find things that have been misplaced. Whether it’s a phone number or a piece of equipment it wastes time and in most cases it’s completely unnecessary.

“There are huge benefits to proactive employers that encourage employees to maintain tidy and organised work areas because almost immediately they will see output improve. Even if every employee just spends five minutes at the end of the day to get organised for the following day, it makes a big difference and clearing things away after they have been used also makes for a much safer working environment.”

Slingsby sells a wide range of popular products that can help workplaces to stay organised, including office furniture and health and safety signs. For the oncoming winter weather Slingsby can help your business be prepared with grit bins and salt spreaders as well as bollards for clear marking even after a coating of snow or ice.

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Don’t Slip Up When It Comes To Floor Safety

Having the right warnings and vital safeguards in place can prevent a nasty, and potentially expensive, accident. The icy start to 2010 has focused all our minds on conditions underfoot, and the need to take extra care when things turn hazardous.

Don't Slip Up When It Comes To Floor Safety

But many of the dangers which we’ve encountered during the cold snap are present constantly in lots of working environments – and not being aware of them can have some nasty consequences.

So at Safetyshop we can help you have the right warnings in place to alert people to any hazards in your factory, warehouse or office, and the right equipment, work wear and fittings to help prevent any mishaps.

When you consider that Health and Safety at Work legislation obliges companies to have warnings in place – and carries the possibility of heavy penalties where they aren’t displayed – then an outlay of just a few pounds must be a sensible investment for any business.

“In 2009, nearly 11,000 workers suffered a serious injury as a result of a slip or trip at work – that’s more than 30 EVERY DAY,” said Safetyshop’s Product Marketing Manager, Bhavna Mistry.

“This is despite there being well-established regulations in place governing employers’ responsibilities for carrying out risk assessments, including slip, trip and falling hazards, and for pointing these out clearly to all staff and other visitors.”

Hazards come in all shapes and sizes, but the penalties for not acknowledging them can be onerous. For example, a warehouse worker from Bristol who slipped on a tomato which had been dropped onto the floor was awarded £2,500 compensation from his employer.

And the employer of a kitchen worker who fractured her skull on a slippery floor after cleaners removed safety mats placed over the surface, leaving it to become contaminated with food waste, water and oily residues, was ordered to pay more than£36,000 including court costs.

The use, type and style of such warnings are also tightly regulated, and are now standardised across all of the European Union, under the Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations introduced in 2009. These also increased the number of warning symbols in use, and stipulated that all hazard safety signs included a pictogram as part of their design to aid interpretation.

Safetyshop keeps right up-to-date with all such developments, so by taking advice from us, you can be clear on where your obligations lie.

We can offer a range of safety signs which make your safety messages highly visible and fully compliant throughout your premises.

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The Safety Of Others Remains Proshields Main Goal For Its Business

Proshield provides a variety of safety signs that makes it one of the leading sign seller in the U.K. The safety of others remains Proshield’s main goal for its business. Protecting several pedestrians and drivers f r o m hazardous conditions, Proshield signs also help provide communities with a sense of security.

Not only does Proshield provide a variety of signs, but also guides buyers on how to select and order signs with their sign buying guide. An important resource for a customer of Proshield, this guide first explains how to choose a sign, choose the material to make it f r o m (6 types to choose f r o m) and the size of the sign (23 sizes to choose f r o m). Ultimately, this how-to guide helps customers to remain satisfied and to come to ProShield time and time again.

Proshield provides a rapid delivery service helping to keep communities safer and in a spedfast manner. They also recognize the important of providing a large variety of signs, so that you can depend on them for all of your sign needs. Some of the signs that Proshield offers include:

A. No Smoking Signs
B. Fire Safety Signs
C. Warning Signs
D. Health Safety Signs
E. Fire Exit Signs
F. UK Safety Signs
G. Custom-made Signs
H. Road Safety Signs
I. Hazard Signs
J. Braille Signs
K. CCTV Signs
L. Construction Safety Signs

Proshield provides a simple online service of purchasing custom-made signs for your business or community. Never has customization been easier, not only with their how-to guide, but with the help of their employees whom are willing to help you along the way. Proshield remains a convenient seller for many!

Unlike other sign sellers that require a minimum purchase, Proshield recognizes each order’s needs are different. Thus, there is no minimum order charge. This makes it more convenient to purchase signs as you need them, not when you have a large enough order to process. This makes safety easier for all businesses and communities with no stalling, just continued safety through the purchase of hazard, warning or construction safety signs.

The material a sign is made of is an important option. Proshield offers six different options:

A. Photo luminescent Adhesive Vinyl (LSV)
B. Photo luminescent Rigid Plastic (LRP)
C. Rigid Plastic (RPL)
D. Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) 
E. Aluminum (ALU)
F. Polycarbonate (PLY)

With the experts at Proshield, you can determine the perfect material for each sign you desire to purchase. Ultimately, with a comprehensive website as well as intelligent and helpful customer service, any person can effectively purchase professional hazard and warning signs f r o m Proshield. Countless satisfied customers can agree! Try Proshield today.

For more information on warning signs, visit Proshield’s official website, Proshieldsafetysigns.co.uk. There you will find a variety of sign options including safety signs as well as custom-made signs options.

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