Safetyshop Reminds Businesses Of Changes To First Aid Kit Standard

One of the UK’s leading safety equipment manufacturers, Stockport-based Safetyshop, has called on businesses to make sure they take the right steps to protect the health and safety of their employees by making suitable first aid kits available.

To help make sure the correct first aid can be provided in the event of an accident at work, the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) has worked together with the British Standards Institute (BSI) to create a new UK standard for workplace kits.

BS 8599-1 is the new minimum standard that workplace first aid kits should now conform to, and Safetyshop has reminded businesses to check their own supplies and, if necessary, update their stocks.

Dan Cure, website manager at Safetyshop, said: “Over recent years there have been many changes to the way first aiders are trained to deal with casualties following an accident.

“The types of risks that British workers are exposed to on a daily basis have also changed dramatically and so it has been necessary to update the guidance on what first aid products should be available to help treat people following an accident.”

The new standard created by the BSI and the BHTA has been based on the minimum requirements set out by the Health and Safety Executive’s L74 first aid code of practice. The idea was to ensure minimum-standard compliant kits now allow first aiders to cope with a wider range of common workplace injuries, therefore making them more relevant for today’s businesses.

Safetyshop supplies a wide range of safety products, from industrial first aid kits to sports first aid kits, allowing businesses to provide their staff with access to BSI compliant products and help ensure that health and safety remains a top priority.

Dan added: “As all employers know, accidents can happen at any time and that is why it is so important to be proactive and make sure that should an incident occur, there are people on hand who have the correct first aid training, and that they have the correct items to hand to allow them to provide the necessary treatment.”

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Buy All Your Business’s Safety Products In One Place And Avoid Another Winter Of Discontent

As the nights draw in, and the days get colder, now is the time to be stocking up on all the safety supplies needed to see your home and business through the long winter months.

When it comes to the onset of the really hard winter weather, says that we Britons still don’t seem to be learning the lessons of recent years, and should be putting plans in place to help ensure that our businesses and our lives in general, don’t grind to a halt.

But according to the firm’s Website Manager, Dan Cure, they’ve just brought in a range of winter staples such as snow shovels, grit bins and salt spreaders – along with several new products for this year – so no one need say they were caught cold this time around when winter’s icy grip begins to tighten.

“Over the course of the year, it’s easy for people to forget the disruption that they suffered as a result on the onset of winter,” he said.

“There is so much everyone can do to ensure winter doesn’t leave them feeling cold and miserable,” added Mr Cure. “That first fall of snow might look pretty to start with, but without the right tools in place, such as snow shovels, work wear and grit spreaders, its attractiveness will very quickly fade.”

And with early frost and snows also responsible for many accidents – despite the weathermen’s best efforts at giving out warnings – acting now can not only save money and time, but potentially a great deal of heartache.

“We’ve extended our range of winter products this year, with the aim of helping out everyone from householders to business managers,” he added.

“Products are readily available for quick delivery, so our advice would be to beat the rush and get yours now to avoid suffering another winter of discontent.”

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