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Safetyshop Reminds Businesses Of Changes To First Aid Kit Standard

One of the UK’s leading safety equipment manufacturers, Stockport-based Safetyshop, has called on businesses to make sure they take the right steps to protect the health and safety of their employees by making suitable first aid kits available.

To help make sure the correct first aid can be provided in the event of an accident at work, the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) has worked together with the British Standards Institute (BSI) to create a new UK standard for workplace kits.

BS 8599-1 is the new minimum standard that workplace first aid kits should now conform to, and Safetyshop has reminded businesses to check their own supplies and, if necessary, update their stocks.

Dan Cure, website manager at Safetyshop, said: “Over recent years there have been many changes to the way first aiders are trained to deal with casualties following an accident.

“The types of risks that British workers are exposed to on a daily basis have also changed dramatically and so it has been necessary to update the guidance on what first aid products should be available to help treat people following an accident.”

The new standard created by the BSI and the BHTA has been based on the minimum requirements set out by the Health and Safety Executive’s L74 first aid code of practice. The idea was to ensure minimum-standard compliant kits now allow first aiders to cope with a wider range of common workplace injuries, therefore making them more relevant for today’s businesses.

Safetyshop supplies a wide range of safety products, from industrial first aid kits to sports first aid kits, allowing businesses to provide their staff with access to BSI compliant products and help ensure that health and safety remains a top priority.

Dan added: “As all employers know, accidents can happen at any time and that is why it is so important to be proactive and make sure that should an incident occur, there are people on hand who have the correct first aid training, and that they have the correct items to hand to allow them to provide the necessary treatment.”

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Buy All Your Business’s Safety Products In One Place And Avoid Another Winter Of Discontent

As the nights draw in, and the days get colder, now is the time to be stocking up on all the safety supplies needed to see your home and business through the long winter months.

When it comes to the onset of the really hard winter weather, says that we Britons still don’t seem to be learning the lessons of recent years, and should be putting plans in place to help ensure that our businesses and our lives in general, don’t grind to a halt.

But according to the firm’s Website Manager, Dan Cure, they’ve just brought in a range of winter staples such as snow shovels, grit bins and salt spreaders – along with several new products for this year – so no one need say they were caught cold this time around when winter’s icy grip begins to tighten.

“Over the course of the year, it’s easy for people to forget the disruption that they suffered as a result on the onset of winter,” he said.

“There is so much everyone can do to ensure winter doesn’t leave them feeling cold and miserable,” added Mr Cure. “That first fall of snow might look pretty to start with, but without the right tools in place, such as snow shovels, work wear and grit spreaders, its attractiveness will very quickly fade.”

And with early frost and snows also responsible for many accidents – despite the weathermen’s best efforts at giving out warnings – acting now can not only save money and time, but potentially a great deal of heartache.

“We’ve extended our range of winter products this year, with the aim of helping out everyone from householders to business managers,” he added.

“Products are readily available for quick delivery, so our advice would be to beat the rush and get yours now to avoid suffering another winter of discontent.”

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Safetyshop Announces Launch Of Online News Feed

Safetyshop, the UK’s leading safety equipment manufacturer, has launched an industry news feed on the homepage of its website.

Designed to be a useful resource for regular customers and new visitors alike, the latest news section contains stories which relate to all aspects of health and safety, from new legislation and prosecutions brought by the Health and Safety Executive, to road safety initiatives and changes affecting first aid kits in the workplace. The feed is updated on a daily basis to ensure breaking news makes it onto the site as quickly as possible.

The idea to publish breaking news came from Safetyshop’s customers, according to Maria Kirby, Online Content Specialist at Safetyshop.

She said: “We carried out a survey in an attempt to find out what is most important to our customers. Perhaps unsurprisingly we found that the majority of them consider health and safety legislation to be critical to the successful running of their businesses.

“By publishing news stories on the homepage of our website on a daily basis we are able to inform visitors about the very latest developments relating to health and safety and ensure that our customers have all the knowledge they require to be able to run their own companies effectively, efficiently and safely.”

Safetyshop has been providing its customers with a huge range of safety equipment including workwear, safety signs and traffic control equipment. Now, as well as being seen as a leading supplier of quality safety items, the company wants to be recognised as a trusted source for breaking health and safety news.

Maria added: “Safetyshop’s ultimate goal is to help customers manage their health and safety requirements and ensure that their workplace is safe for everyone. Hopefully our news service will be of use to companies that take health and safety seriously, and help keep everyone up-to-date on developments across the industry.”

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Safetyshop’s Bespoke Sign Manufacturing Service Shows the Right Way for Businesses

The UK’s leading safety equipment supplier has appealed to businesses to get the perfect safety signs and warnings for their business premises by designing them themselves, with Safetyshop’s bespoke sign manufacturing service.

Safetyshop have encouraged businesses that may not have the legally required safety signs on their business premises to get in touch and see the range of custom sign designs and types that can be purchased online at

The Safetyshop solutions section of the website offers businesses to customise and design many products, chief of which being Safetyshop’s latest designs in safety signs in the workplace. The UK company has over 40 years of experience in producing signage for businesses, an area of the business that was boosted in 2002, with the acquisition of Focal Signs and Labels Ltd.

Today, Safetyshop is accredited to ISO 9001:2001 sign manufacture standards and has the benefits of an in-house team of graphic designers and manufacturing equipment to provide total service to all customers with the latest state-of-the-art digital print technology to produce clearly visible and bold signs for use in business.

Joanne Broadhurst, Sales Executive at Safetyshop said; “The importance of safety signs in business is immeasurable, safety signs warn of dangers and hazards in the workplace whether it is an office environment or the factory floor.

“Here at Safetyshop we work in partnership with our customers to produce signage that is clear and easily understandable and with our in-house team each customer has a dedicated single point of contact able to assist in the design and manufacturing process.”

Ralph Walmsley, Production Manager at Safetyshop also added; “We use only the best materials ensuring we meet all UK and European standards but also to produce signs that are bold and durable to last the test of time”.

As well as Safetyshop’s bespoke solutions section the site also sells a wide range of other workplace safety products such as protective clothing and hard hats to first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

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Don’t Get Out Of Line When Marking Out Your Workplace, warns Safetyshop

Marking out a workplace can be an incredibly important task for a significant number of businesses. Manufacturing plants, warehouses, car parks and factories all need obvious markings to help keep workers safe, and UK safety products manufacturer Safetyshop is calling on firms to get their line marking strategy straight.

Ed Barnes, UK Product Manager at Safetyshop said there are a number of things businesses should always remember when preparing to use line marking applicators to mark out sections of their workplace. These include:

• Prepare – Make sure the area you’ll be marking out is free of obstructions. You do not want to have to start moving objects once marking has begun.
• Clean – Painting over a dirty surface will affect the quality of the lines. Always try to make sure the area is clean and dry.
• In order to ensure straight lines, always use a guide such as a length of tape, length of wood or a ladder.
• To ensure a clean and crisp finish, simply place a piece of card at the end of the line.
• When spraying through stencils, use masking tape to prevent paint from marking other areas.

Ed Barnes said: “Following these hints and tips should certainly help businesses to ensure they get smooth and crisp lines. Most importantly the lines will be clearly visible and in situations where line markings are used to distinguish between vehicle lanes and pedestrian walkways, this is vital.

Line marking is a task that many businesses carry out on a regular basis. By using a quality product they can ensure those lines stay bold and fresh for longer, which in the long term will save time and money.”

Safetyshop’s line marking products are used in a wide variety of industries. Local authorities use them to mark out parking bays, schools use them to mark out playgrounds and sports clubs use marking products to paint lines on football pitches and sports courts.

Ed added: “The potential number of uses for line marking equipment is huge, but it’s always important to remember to buy a quality product that will stand the test of time.”

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Take The Sun Seriously And Protect Your Workers, Says UK Safety Firm

With the summer months fast approaching, all parts of the UK are starting to enjoy some sunshine on a regular basis. It’s always quite amusing to see a colleague come into work after a weekend with a bright red nose after spending too much time in the sun, but there is a serious side to excess sun exposure.

Health and safety specialist Safetyshop has called on all companies that employ people to work outdoors to make sure they take steps to help protect their workers from the effects of sun exposure this summer. Due to Britain’s climate, providing staff with suitable sun protection is often not a high priority for most businesses, but prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is a serious problem.

Employers are responsible for their employees’ health and safety at work, and when it comes to protection from the sun there are a number of steps that can be taken. Getting workers to cover up and avoid exposure at lunchtime – the hottest part of the day – is a good start. Providing access to sun screen with a sun protection factor of at least 15, and encouraging employees to wear workwear such as hats are also positive moves.

Safetyshop helps companies to look after their workforces by providing access to a huge range of products, but according to Bhavna Mistry, Product Manager at Safetyshop, a large number of companies remain oblivious to the dangers that the sun can pose.

Bhavna said: “The UK isn’t really known for its hot summers and blazing sunshine, which probably explains why businesses don’t always see the sun as a health and safety issue. However, people who work outside without sun protection are putting themselves at risk, and employers have a responsibility to act.

“With Safetyshop’s help, protecting workers against the sun’s rays is straightforward, which is why we are calling on all businesses to educate their

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Safetyshop Encourages Business’ To Think Green with Waste Management and Recycling Products

UK workplace safety specialist Safetyshop has highlighted tips on how companies can become greener and recycle more waste much like how homeowners are now familiar with recycling household waste.

Bhavna Mistry, Head of Product Marketing at the business health and safety equipment specialist has provided businesses and company owners with a series of helpful suggestions to make their company more environmentally friendly and help combat climate change as well.

“Recycling is on the agenda of most businesses as we live and work in environments that need protecting. Saving energy and reducing the speed of climate change can make a difference to the amount of new materials we need.” said Bhavna.

“Many people now recycle waste at home and would prefer to do the same within their workplace, businesses can save money, promote their corporate social responsibility and be seen as doing the right thing by their employees and customers.”

The following tips should help companies set up a company recycling scheme and apply to many industries and workplaces, from factories to offices…

• Get Management Support – Employees with ideas about introducing recycling bins and other waste management programs should get support from management who will be able to get on board and approve of the suggestions.
• Look for recyclable material in your company’s waste – Waste such as paper, cardboard, cans and bottles are a good starting point and are often the largest volume of waste material in businesses too.
• Find a local recycling company or recycling centre – knowing where to take the material to or who to come and collect your recyclable waste will be an important step.
• Decide where to place recycling containers – A good place to place recycling bins is where the waste is normally kept or generated, this makes it easy for workers to identify where to dispose of the recyclable waste.
• Educate and incentivise your co-workers – educate workers on what can and cannot be recycled and the location of the recycle bins. You may want to encourage them to recycle by offering incentives or rewards for teams or departments that recycle the most.
• Monitor and report – Management will want to know how much resources are saved as a result and chart the success of the scheme.

There are other areas which companies could require additional products such as hazardous substance storage and external bins such as recycling old batteries to prevent chemicals leaking as well as safely disposing of unwanted or old electrical equipment.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations issued by the government have made it much easier to recycle old electrical equipment safely.

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Businesses Urged To Get In Line And Clearly Mark Out Their Sites

Businesses in the UK are being advised to take steps to make sure their workplaces are safe by using the latest line marking tools. Companies have a responsibility to create and maintain a safe working environment and this includes ensuring that vehicles and pedestrians are separated.

Line marking can help firms comply with the Workplace Health & Safety Regulations 1992, which involves keeping traffic routes free from obstacles that could lead to people falling and injuring themselves.

The use of line marking equipment allows companies to clearly mark out pedestrian walkways and vehicle routes which can help ensure that the health and safety of employees is not put at risk. By law, companies have to make sure vehicles routes are also kept far enough away from doors and gates that are used by pedestrians. Again, the use of line marking tools can help to define the boundaries of safe walkways.

Of course, there are many more uses for line marking paint than creating traffic and pedestrian routes. It can be used to create chevron areas, car parking bays, disabled parking bays and cycle routes, as well as in sports courts and playgrounds. Thanks to advances in technology the paint and applicators are simple and quick to use and lines can be touch dry within 10 minutes.

Ed Barnes, Product Manager at Safetyshop, said: “In some cases, clear and effective line marking can be useful and provide guidance, while in other situations it can help save lives. Advances in line marking technology mean the process is now easier than ever to complete for companies of all sizes.”

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Businesses Urged To Act Over Car Park Safety

Firms across the UK have been urged to make sure their car parks and outside areas are not posing a danger to staff, customers or members of the public.

Safetyshop, one of the country’s leading safety products manufacturers, recommends that businesses carry out a full risk assessment to help ensure they are doing everything possible to minimise risk when it comes to outdoor premises.

The winter weather has resulted in surfaces on many public roads becoming uneven, with potholes appearing up and down the UK. The government announced in February that it will allocate an extra £100m to councils in England to help pay for road repairs – a reminder of just how seriously the authorities view the issue of poorly maintained road surfaces.

Unfortunately, businesses have also suffered at the hands of the winter weather and it is just as important that holes and uneven surfaces in private car parks and outdoor workplace areas are attended to. This can help improve car park security as well as safety. Companies have an obligation under The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 to provide a safe environment and this includes maintaining the condition of traffic routes and floors and objects such as speed control ramps.

Point 12.2(a) of the act says: “The floor, or surface of the traffic route, shall have no hole or slope, or be uneven or slippery so as, in each case, to expose any person to a risk to his health or safety”.

Ed Barnes, Product Manager at Safetyshop, said: “Every company is responsible for minimising the opportunities for falls, slips and trips in the workplace, and Safetyshop has the right products available to help firms mitigate these risks.

“If there are issues that need to be addressed, such as dangerous potholes, then it is important that firms erect suitable car park signs to warn people until the problem has been dealt with.

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Environmentally Friendly Safety Signs Material Comes to Safetyshop

As well as being an industry leader when it comes to safety signs and practically everything health and safety related, UK based Safetyshop have recently taken the decision to use a more environmentally friendly material as a part of their safety sign production process, another area in which the company is leading the way.

The workplace safety specialists have researched alternatives to the material used up until now, PVC at 1mm thick and found that polypropylene to be an all round better choice when it comes to sign manufacturing. Polypropylene is 1.2mm thick, recyclable and hard wearing enough to be a suitable eco-friendly replacement to PVC, meaning that businesses will not need to buy replacements in just a few years time.

All signs manufactured by Safetyshop use the recognisable symbols and warnings covering anything from no smoking signs to no access and fire exit signs, all of which comply with the ISO 7010 standards that apply to all EU countries. The range is also constantly expanding as new ISO symbols are released ensuring Safetyshop’s range covers all possible situations.

Sara Banks, UK Product Manager at Safetyshop commented, “Our safety sign manufacturing process is something we pride ourselves on and this move to the superior Polypropylene signs will help make sure our processes are as environmentally friendly as possible, yet remain effective and compliant with industry standards.

“Safety signs are a large part of our business and we have listened to our customers comments to make sure we are catering for all customers and industries. We have had comments such as being able to find a particular sign being too difficult and made sure to simplify the process, as well as reducing the quantity of duplicate sign styles as well”

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Look Out! ISO EN 7010 Comes Into Force at Safetyshop

Safetyshop, the UK’s market leader in safety products, has moved to reassure customers ahead of imminent changes to safety sign regulations.

In early 2011, the ISO 7010 standard will be officially updated as part of a move to harmonise safety signage across the whole of Europe, and Safetyshop has revised its catalogue of products in preparation.

ISO 7010 has been in force since late 2003, and covers safety signs used in workplaces and a variety of other locations where people need to be informed about safety matters. All of Safetyshop’s safety signs will comply to the latest ISO standards (Amendments 1-6) and the range will be updated throughout the year as more symbols are released by ISO. Signs for smoking, hard hats and fire assembly points are all covered by the new standard, and can be found in private buildings and public places across the UK.

Various amendments have been made to the standard in recent years and the latest will see a number of changes to signage in order to ensure consistency across Europe. Companies will notice some pictograms have only been very slightly altered to conform to the new rules, while other changes are far more noticeable. All changes however have been designed to make it simple for people of all European nationalities to instantly recognise important safety messages.

Sara Banks, UK Product Manager at Safetyshop, said: “The new standard, ISO EN 7010, has been devised to create consistent symbols, using new pictograms, which have been judgement tested across various EU countries to ensure the symbols are universally understood and recognised.

“We want all of our customers to be reassured, and know that when they buy a safety sign through our online store, it will be up-to-date and comply fully with all of the current guidelines.”

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Safetyshop Products Help Employers Meet PPE at Work Regulations

Online retailer of essential safety products, personal protective equipment and workwear,, is offering businesses advice on how to comply with industry standards and regulations.

As one of the largest retailers of its kind, Safetyshop understands that it has a duty to its customers to provide information on what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is necessary for businesses to have in order to meet UK and European health and safety laws.

Safetyshop explains that all employers have to meet basic rules regarding the provision and use of PPE at work and emphasises that many working environments must comply with Regulation 4 of the PPE at Work Regulation 1992, which outlines the mandatory use of protection for the face and eyes when at risk in a hazardous area.

Eye injuries can occur as a result of flying debris, dust and hazardous chemicals and in turn these can not only cause pain but also loss of earnings, loss of time and even loss of eyesight. Safetyshop offers an extensive range of face shields, overspecs, safety goggles and eye wash products to help minimise the risk of injury to the face and eyes.

All eye and face protection products available to buy online at comply with The industrial Eye Protection Standard EN166. Safetyshop emphasise that it is important to carefully consider the different hazards in the workplace in order to allow for the correct type of PPE to be chosen. This is true for all types of PPE and workwear.

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Safetyshop Warns Icy Conditions Are Set To Continue With Further Snow Fall

Winter is defiantly amongst us as snow and icy conditions are forecast to continue to affect many parts of the UK.

The cold snap will also bring freezing temperatures, overnight frosts and daytime temperatures will struggle to reach 3 or 4 degrees C. Workplace safety product supplier Safetyshop advises businesses to take these weather forecasts seriously and ask themselves if they are prepared for the start of the bad winter weather. Kimberley Slack at Safetyshop says “it’s important that workplace health and safety is well thought-out in order to minimise accidents”.

Essential items for businesses are necessary to make sure they don’t slip up this winter! It can be said that in 2009 nearly 11,000 workers suffered serious injury whilst in the workplace due to a slip or a trip –with totals reaching more than 30 each day. This is why Safetyshop are reiterating that everyone should maintain a safe working environment during the winter months.

An extensive range of stock including everything you will need to keep safe in the winter is available online. For the outdoors Safetyshop stock a superb range of rock salt, salt spreaders, grit bins, snow shovels and winter driving essentials. Not forgetting the need for an indoor range of products such as anti slip tape, entrance matting, hi-vis stair nosing and anti slip sprays, minimising slips and trips inside offices and warehousing facilities.

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Safetyshop Helps Businesses To Put Security At The Top Of Their Agenda

Safetyshop, supplier of health & safety solutions for over 40 years, has highlighted its range of inexpensive and easy-to-fit security products to businesses, in a bid to emphasize the importance of putting security at the forefront this winter.

Experts at Safetyshop are keen to alert businesses to the availability of simple security products such as decoy cameras, anti-climb paint and personal alarms that can help to minimise security risks as the days become shorter and there are more hours of darkness.

Safetyshop’s Kimberley Slack said: “Winter weather brings darker mornings and afternoons that can be dark from 4pm, unfortunately it’s around this time of year that security must be on the top of businesses’ agendas.

“In order to protect premises it’s essential to take a closer look at areas that can be made more secure, it’s important to assess your property along with the level of personal security for all employees. Employers do have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of employees and improving their safety can also improve the security of your business premises.”

Safetyshop understands that not all businesses can afford to implement expensive security projects and instead offers simple yet effective security solutions such as CCTV safety signs and safety window film. The trusted retailer also suggests increasing personal safety with the use of hi-vis clothing, small portable torches, identity badges and personal alarms.

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Safety Shop Shows How to Light Up Dark Nights

Workplace safety product specialists Safetyshop have begun to promote their range of safety products that relate to the oncoming winter period. Soon many people will be travelling to and from work in the dark and school children will be walking or cycling to school in the dark also. It’s time to take extra care as visibility and quiet, dark roads become a risk – take a forward thinking approach to staying safe this winter.

Safetyshop stock a wide range of high visibility clothing and accessories to ensure that the dark mornings and evenings don’t become a serious hazard for pedestrians as well as motorists.

Children walking to and from school are often the most vulnerable especially when crossing roads, According to official government statistics, children are more at risk from road accidents from 3pm onwards in autumn and winter and this can often coincide with workers driving home.

Safetyshop’s Kimberley Slack commented, “With an increased awareness of road safety we have found that making sure the public are able to get the best safety products can often be a life saver.

“With the darker mornings and nights it can be difficult to spot a child in the road until it’s too late. So anything that can make children and adults more visible, whether they are walking or riding a bicycle, is a high priority for us at Safetyshop”.

On the subject of motorists, the winter period poses many risks especially as temperatures drop and the roads becoming slippery with snow and ice.

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Don’t Endure Another Winter Of Discontent – Protect Your Business Before The Worst Of The Weather Comes

The nights are already drawing in, and soon winter will be with us in full force. So now’s the time to make sure that your business is prepared if you want to avoid the chaos brought by the severe weather of the start of 2010.

With a leading authority on forecasting the British weather warning that the UK could be in for a second consecutive big freeze, leading safety equipment specialist is asking business owners and managers to think ahead, and ask themselves how their day-to-day operations would cope.

The UK could be in for “a combination of snow, ice and bitterly cold temperatures and another ‘white-out’ as some areas grind to a halt,” warned Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions. His organisation correctly forecast the big freeze earlier this year.

“If these predictions from experienced weather-watchers are to be believed, we’re in line for another harsh winter,” said Kimberley Slack, Safetyshop’s Internet Marking Executive.

“But there is no need for businesses to be caught cold by a sudden freeze,” Kimberley added.

“Stocking up on essentials such as anti-slip matting, using heaters and fans to keep your working environment at the right temperature, and having all the appropriate safety signs in place will help you stay productive through the worst this winter has in store.”

Safetyshop can help you keep your premises safe, limit damage caused by snow and rain, and help you prepare your business for any severe weather to come. With Rock Salt and Grit bins available as well as salt spreaders to ensure your car parks, entrances and walkways are safe.

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Safety Made Easy With Safetyshop’s Solutions

Online retailer of essential safety products, Safetyshop, has re-launched ‘Solutions’, a way for customers to find the safety signs and equipment they need, from initial design concept through to manufacture.

As of autumn / winter 2010, Safetyshop customers can enjoy this service, which has been described by the retailer as ‘definitely not a one size fits all approach’.

Kim Slack, Internet Marketing Manager at Safetyshop, said: “We are passionate about the products we sell and we strive to offer the best service through our catalogues, website and contact centre. Now we are really pleased to announce ‘Solutions’, as a new way of helping our customers choose the right product, a service which sees us saying, ‘we can help our products and services fit with your businesses requirements.’

‘Solutions’ is a team dedicated to supplying your ideal business solution. The solutions team can help you find products and brand products at competitive prices even if they’re not featured in the online product range. The service also allows people to customise standardised products, bulk buy and design bespoke products to meet specific requirements.

Kim adds: “With Solutions, we are offering all our customers a dedicated and personal service that is on hand to help at all times; this is what sets us apart and makes us the one-stop-shop for all safety products.”

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Cut Out Those Dirty Habits At Work

The average desk’s surface contains more than 10million germs – but they can easily be eradicated

As more of us spend increasing amounts of time at our office or home desks, the areas around where we work are becoming ever-greater hazards to our health.

Hard surfaces, such as telephones, computer mice, printer buttons and door handles, are among the likely areas where some of the millions of germs lurking in every office are hiding – just waiting for their next unsuspecting victim.

Research has shown that the average office desk harbours more than 10 million germs. Many of these can cause minor illnesses, but, left unchecked, they can multiply to the extent that they become a serious health risk.

In order to help staff win this germ warfare battle, safety goods and signs supplier has added a comprehensive range of eco-friendly office cleaning equipment to its selection.

These latest products help keep every office surface clean and, more importantly, help to drastically reduce the amount of bacteria workers are exposed to.

“A proper, regular cleaning regime is proven to eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of the bacteria found in most offices,” says Kimberley Slack of Safetyshop.

“Safetyshop’s range of desktop cleaning agents has been specifically formulated with the most up-to-date ingredients to ensure safe and effective antimicrobial cleaning of all computer equipment and hard surfaces.”

The range is also entirely alcohol free, non toxic and non hazardous. All bottles and wipes are 100 per cent recyclable and cleaning wipes are 100 per cent biodegradable.

Among the lines available at are desk, computer and telephone wipes, screen cleaning sprays and hygienic disposable cloths.

All desktop cleaning products can be ordered online, or by phone, fax or email, and next-day delivery is available for UK orders, subject to stock availability.

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Don’t Slip Up When It Comes To Floor Safety

Having the right warnings and vital safeguards in place can prevent a nasty, and potentially expensive, accident. The icy start to 2010 has focused all our minds on conditions underfoot, and the need to take extra care when things turn hazardous.

Don't Slip Up When It Comes To Floor Safety

But many of the dangers which we’ve encountered during the cold snap are present constantly in lots of working environments – and not being aware of them can have some nasty consequences.

So at Safetyshop we can help you have the right warnings in place to alert people to any hazards in your factory, warehouse or office, and the right equipment, work wear and fittings to help prevent any mishaps.

When you consider that Health and Safety at Work legislation obliges companies to have warnings in place – and carries the possibility of heavy penalties where they aren’t displayed – then an outlay of just a few pounds must be a sensible investment for any business.

“In 2009, nearly 11,000 workers suffered a serious injury as a result of a slip or trip at work – that’s more than 30 EVERY DAY,” said Safetyshop’s Product Marketing Manager, Bhavna Mistry.

“This is despite there being well-established regulations in place governing employers’ responsibilities for carrying out risk assessments, including slip, trip and falling hazards, and for pointing these out clearly to all staff and other visitors.”

Hazards come in all shapes and sizes, but the penalties for not acknowledging them can be onerous. For example, a warehouse worker from Bristol who slipped on a tomato which had been dropped onto the floor was awarded £2,500 compensation from his employer.

And the employer of a kitchen worker who fractured her skull on a slippery floor after cleaners removed safety mats placed over the surface, leaving it to become contaminated with food waste, water and oily residues, was ordered to pay more than£36,000 including court costs.

The use, type and style of such warnings are also tightly regulated, and are now standardised across all of the European Union, under the Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations introduced in 2009. These also increased the number of warning symbols in use, and stipulated that all hazard safety signs included a pictogram as part of their design to aid interpretation.

Safetyshop keeps right up-to-date with all such developments, so by taking advice from us, you can be clear on where your obligations lie.

We can offer a range of safety signs which make your safety messages highly visible and fully compliant throughout your premises.

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SafetyShop Introduces New Health & Safety Range for Education

To celebrate the launch of its new and improved interactive website, Safetyshop has announced the introduction of a brand new health and safety category at

In this new category Safetyshop has taken the most frequently ordered safety equipment and signs products from organisations within the education sector and put them all in one convenient location. The range includes health and safety related products for organisations included schools, colleges and universities.

Peter Smart, business manager for Safetyshop, explains ‘it’s a one-stop shop for the education sector. For sometime now we have wanted to improve the online version of our 872 page catalogue so we did some research. We asked our customers what they needed the online version of our catalogue to do.”

“As we listened it became very clear almost immediately. They needed a reliable, quick, easy-to-use and secure online ordering process. Our solution, one category, dedicated to one sector with the most essential and up-to-date health and safety products. ’

Safetyshop’s education range will be the first of many new online categories, timed perfectly for the start of the new school year. It will enable existing customers to order online much more quickly and, for those customers yet to order online, an opportunity to view other safety essentials within Safetyshop range.

Product variety now dictates the online categories. The education product range includes eco-friendly whiteboards, sports first aid kits, floor stands, fire extinguishers, salt & spreader kits, line marking applicators and much more. To view the full range visit

About Safetyshop
Safetyshop has been the UK’s leading safety sign manufacturer for over 40 years and a major supplier of workplace safety equipment. Over 30,000 different product lines are manufactured and stored in its 34,000 square foot warehouse located in Cheshire.

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